Mormon Moms Behaving Badly: Dirty T-shirts and Disney’s Hidden Agenda


There’s a story of a man on a beach full of starfish who is throwing them back into the water one at a time. When told that he can’t save them all and will hardly make a difference, he picks one up, throws it in the ocean, and says “to that one, I made a difference.”

Have you ever thought about how funny it would be if the man was actually throwing the starfish out to a shiver of sharks or a cast of crabs? He thinks he’s a Savior but he’s actually throwing them out to their death. It’s a plot twist worthy of an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

On that note…

A Utah mom recently made headlines when she bought an entire supply of t-shirts at PacSun because they had images of women in lingerie screen printed on them.

Clearly it was offensive and I was most concerned about the youth and the children that would be viewing this.

If buying $600 worth of dirty t-shirts sounds like a really terrible approach to ridding the world of all of its evil then that’s because it is. I don’t want to point out all of Judy’s logical fallacies but, just for fun, I’ll address a few:

  • If you’re really concerned about displays with scantily clad women, why didn’t you buy out the entire Victoria Secret store too? You’re worried about t-shirts? That place has huge banners with pictures of provocative (albeit photo-shopped) women in lingerie.
  • If you didn’t want your 18 year-old son to see the shirts, why did you take them all home with you? Sure, there’s a small chance the shirts would have still been on display when he went back to the mall, but there’s probably a greater chance he’ll “accidentally” see them in your closet while looking for… um… a hanger…
  • Why are you trying to force everyone (PacSun, the t-shirt manufacturers, and “the children”) to abide by your standard of moral decency. I’m not arguing that the t-shirts aren’t immoral, but if you are Mormon (and judging by your behavior and geographic location, I think I can safely assume you are) then you of all people should know that it was Lucifer’s initial plan to rid the world of agency and force everyone to be good.
  • Finally, a spike in sales for those shirts will only encourage more production of dirty t-shirts. And where do you think they will ship them first? It doesn’t take a business degree to figure out that those shirts are headed straight to where they sell the best; i.e., those things are coming straight to a PacSun near YOU.

Judy, pick your battles. And when you do, study your opponent and learn the best way to defeat him. Don’t act on an impulse. Aside from your 15 minutes of fame, all you have to show for yourself now is consumer debt and pornographic clothes that you can’t even sleep in.


Did you know that Disney’s movie Frozen was about being gay? Ya, me neither. But I read a blog post from wellbehavedmormonwoman talking about Frozen’s hidden “homosexual agenda.” Apparently the movie’s main song “Let It Go” was only an anthem for all people to come out of the closet and didn’t have anything to do with overcoming your own inhibitions and embracing your differences in general.

WBMW is pretty thorough in her review of the movie Frozen, but I ask, why are you stopping there? I mean, Disney has been pushing it’s hidden homosexual agenda for years, right? As long as we’re over thinking things, let me point out a few more:

  • The Lion King: Timon and Pumbaa are pretty chummy in the jungle for a couple of dudes. Need I remind you that Timon actually cross dresses in a luau scene?
  • ¬†Beauty and the Beast: Lafou constantly follows Gaston everywhere and practically sings him a love song about how great he is.
  • The Fox and the Hound: Another forbidden relationship (and if I’m not mistaken, I believe Tod and Copper were both male). Appalling.
  • Toy Story: A little boy whose favorite action figure is a cowboy named “Woody”. Come on Disney. Could you be more obvious?!
  • Wall-E: Robot love. Disgusting.
  • Up: Sure, the old man was married, but he was completely obsessed with Charles Muntz since he was a kid. And did you see his face when he actually met him? Gross.
  • Mulan: Transvestite. **Author nearly fainted just thinking about it**

The list goes on. How much more can we take of all of Disney’s liberal agenda?

[Side note: Just for kicks I thought I'd start a list of other things this lady should avoid to prevent future abhorrence:

  • Skittles commercials. Taste the rainbow?! Could it be more obvious?! Candies with vibrantly colored shells and fruity flavors. Sickening.
  • The Oscars. Sure Ellen is the most popular daytime talk show host in the country (dare I say world?) but did you know she's (whispered) "gay"? You're a well behaved Mormon woman though so I'm sure you had no intention of watching anyway (because it's on Sunday).
  • Modern Family. It's Anne Romney's favorite tv show but she's probably not as well behaved of a Mormon woman as you.

If you have more to add to the list then you can put them in the comments.]

Here’s my point: WBMW, you think you’re sending a warning to everyone, but don’t you see that you’re sending a message of hate when you say things like “homosexuals are trying to brainwash everyone”? Fear mongering is great for getting people to read your blog, but don’t do it in the name of my religion. You have a right to your own opinion, but the least you could do is change your pen name. Here’s a few suggestions:
- wellbehavedwoman
- misbehavedmormonwoman
- mormonwomanwithherownopinionsthatdonotreflecttheopinionsofherchurch

But let’s end this post on a more positive note:

Let It Go РFrozen РAlex Boyé (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One Voice Children's Choir

35 thoughts on “Mormon Moms Behaving Badly: Dirty T-shirts and Disney’s Hidden Agenda

  1. I made the mistake of reading the “well behaved” blog post about “Frozen” before I saw the movie and quite frankly, I’m annoyed at the person who passed it to me, even though it came with a, “This woman is a nut.” comment. I would have preferred watching the movie without that weird background noise running through my head. So yeah, I skipped a lot of your post and the comments that speculated on dire messages in Disney films, lest that get in my head and ruin other movies for me. But on the whole, I agree with your overall premise — we really have to avoid looking for evil where it doesn’t exist. And we definitely need to avoid making a bad matter worse by confronting evil in misguided ways. Art and Entertainment have always pushed an agenda of one sort or another, sometimes inspirational, sometimes immoral, but you rarely have to dig very deep to figure out the message. Ripping apart an entire movie for sinister, hidden meanings is simply, “poisoning the well” — we don’t need anymore poisoned wells around.

  2. Sister Cox *snigger* would probably have an aneurysm walking into a Spencer’s.

    As another Ex-Mo, I really enjoyed your blog post. I’m also a mom raising an LGBT teen with love and full acceptance, and reading stuff about the insidious “gay agenda” makes me want to bang my head sometimes. My son talks about having a career and a spouse and possibly a family someday, just like many straight kids think about. That’s his agenda. I support any positive media that tries to tell kids it’s OK to be themselves.

    1. I can’t think of any positive media that wouldn’t tell your kids it’s OK to be themselves. Teenagers have enough to worry about without being forced to stress over whether the Disney channel will turn them gay.

  3. I just watched the music video with my boys. And they said wow she has a beautiful voice. Guess what they didn’t say…. mom I am gay. I think as parents if we read into things too much or press our opinions forcefully in a negative way we will get a negative response. We get back what we put out there. Loved this article this response was written by a true Mormon and not a superficial one. This is how I want my religion to be represented.

    1. Thanks for your comment Rachel. I have to admit that I have wondered what a General Authority would think if he read this blog post. After a lot of thought and deliberation, I’ve come to the conclusion that he would probably agree with the message, but not the tone. Luckily I don’t represent the Church (hence the reason why you don’t see the word “Mormon” in my name), I represent myself. Just like every other blogger. Using the Church as a way to get readers if you’re going to express your own opinion just seems dirty to me. (Really dirty. Like PacSun t-shirt dirty.)

  4. Andy, just discovered your blog. Even though I’m an ExMo, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and giggled through most of it – a lovely thing to do on a Thursday morning while in the office “working” hard. :)

    As a mom of 3 adult kiddos, I can assure you that PacSun doesn’t just cater exclusively to teenagers. This woman is free to “take a stand” but she doesn’t have MY permission to police MY children’s exposure to ANYTHING, or for anyone else’s kiddos for that matter. This may be shocking to hear, but not everyone shares the opinion that lingerie or bikini clad women are offensive. Does this women also want to restrict all children from ever going to a public swimming pool, lake or beach? They might see navels, cleavage and the curvature of a female buttock!

    Now admittedly, my morals may be royally mucked up given the fact if there was a t-shirt, picture or life-size picture of George Clooney (be still my liberal heart) I would own them all and wear the t-shirt to bed, providing credibility to my claims of sleeping with him on a nightly basis. ;) Regardless of anyone’s opinion of my morals, they are MINE and what I see, how I dress, what I eat and drink will not be limited because someone else doesn’t like it. She has the power to install a dress code in her home and family, but that’s where her power stops. She’s really only succeeded in making Utah look even nuttier.

    And for all of you who think Victoria Secret is for adults, clearly you’ve never actually ENTERED a VS store, much less noticed most of their “angels” are barely legal in those posters with their young girlie parts out on display. Well I have gone into a VS store, many, many times, and have to elbow my way past the throngs of preteen and teenage girls to get to the sexy, naughty shelves of goodies, and wait behind them in line to purchase anything. (Online shopping has eased that particular frustration.) There is a reason why their sizing chart starts at ZERO and XS. Just who do you think those preteen and teenage girls are going to see them wearing all that stuff? Your sons. :D

    Lastly, I couldn’t help but notice that in everyone’s brilliant postings about the liberal, gay Disney agenda, you missed the most obvious. Peter Pan! How could you forget him? He’s dressed head to toe in green, wears tights and pointy shoes and even has a feather in his cap. If that wasn’t enough of a clue, you can’t get passed the fact that he left a God sanctioned civil union between a man and a woman, the same family unit the Utah Attorney General is claiming to be the BEST ones for all children to grow up in, to live with the “lost boys” FOREVER.

    And everyone thinks Tinkerbell is the fairy. That was just to distract ya’ll.

    1. Reading your Clooney comment, I couldn’t help but wonder, where was the public outcry when David Beckham was stripping down in his 2014 Superbowl ad? Why aren’t any mommy bloggers demanding that he (and Matthew McConaughey for that matter) put his clothes back on?

      Peter Pan. Excellent catch. What was Captain Hook’s real obsession with little boys?

      1. Pretty sure Peter Pan’s “happy thoughts” was also a clue missed by the general public. :D I know when I’m fantasizing about George, I’m so giddy I could fly. :)

        Obviously those thoughts were not about Tinkerbell, who Peter Pan ignored completely in that “girl-boy” way, much to her chagrin.

        Good point about David Beckham and Matthew McConaughey. If this Judy Cox lady starts making a stink about sexy men showing their sexy parts in movies, posters and t-shirts so old broads like me can get a cheap thrill, this could get real ugly…real fast. ;)

        Btw, my 18 year old son’s Sports Illustrated magazine arrived in last night’s mail…the sexy lingerie and swimsuit addition. He’s in CA visiting his oldest brother. Being the heathen, immoral mother than I am, I snapped a picture of the back and front cover and texted it to him, innocently asking if I should keep it for his return, or go ahead and toss it in the trash.

        I’m sure you can imagine his response. :)

  5. I think people are giving this woman way too much crap. Sure what she did was kind of silly in my opinion but haven’t you ever been so irritated that you just did something without thinking about the consequences? Sometime I know I get so mad or fed up that I snap and just do something stupid I regret later like kicking a wall out of anger and severely hurting my toes or throwing all the bills in the air but dang now I have to clean it up and reorganize them. Or just the other day my son was frustrated with a school project he crumpled it all up and had to start all over on it. Maybe she wasn’t thinking maybe she had a week where she was exposed to all sorts of immoral stuff and well who knows what she was dealing with that led up to her crazy purchase of lewd tshirts. I’ve seen moms snap too, over silly things like potty training or kids not doing chores. (Nothing horrible but definitely mild psycho-mom worthy) and anyone who hasn’t experience that is lying. She already has enough people laughing at her I think that’s punishment enough. People stop hating on this woman. As for the frozen thing, I’m not touching that :)

  6. Using our wallets to promote social change is how we make a difference in a capitalist society. Is this foisting our moral superiority upon the world? No! This is how the free market works. In the article I read she said she was planning on taking advantage of Pac Sun’s 60 day return policy. This prevents the store from benefiting and her from taking a hit.There would then be nothing from stopping her from doing the same thing over and over effectively taking those shirts out for 2 months at a time. Her 18 year old sun wasn’t the target audience. She was concerned about junior high school children in the mall. Also, her argument about Victoria Secret was also based on target audience. Adults shop there therefore they have a different standard. Also, that particular Victoria’s Secret has taken down window posters before due to complaints. With all that said, I do think she is pretty silly. Kids can and do see much worse on television and most certainly their computers no matter how diligent their parents are. Also, Pac Sun has the right to sell whatever the hell they want. I also just received my copy of SI this month. Very enjoyable.

    1. You just got your SI this month and you’re reading my blog?

      No great movement was ever made without sacrifice. She gets her money back and the store puts the t-shirts back on the shelves. Back to square one.

  7. As far as I understood the PacSun story, she was mainly trying to ask the store not to display the shirts in the main front window because of some law/code/something that to some extent (legal words) states anything like that shouldn’t be displayed front and center like that in a store. I know, I know, there is Victoria’s Secret, but according to what I read, she said there was a bare butt on one of the models…anyways, her purpose in buying the shirts was to temporarily remove them so they weren’t in the main window. The store manager told her she wouldn’t be able to talk to the cooperate offices and whoever else until the next day (possibly even after the weekend?) Basically, all I’m trying to say is I don’t believe her plan was to rid the world of all pornagraphic T-shirts one PacSun store at a time, it was just a fix until they would hopefully be moved to a more discreet part of the store.

    1. How big is that store? What do you think would be a more “discreet” part of the store? Who was her target audience? Teenagers? Wouldn’t teenagers go into the store and rummage through the racks anyway? Was that really her plan? Can you believe I wrote this whole response using only questions?

  8. Ok, I’ll give you the lame Frozen/homosexual comparison. But, I’m a little confused as to how Judy Cox is forcing her morals on you. What, did she use her satanic powers to hypnotize you all into accepting her beliefs? I know you’re all sheep but you don’t have to follow her or agree with her. She broke no laws by buying up all PacSuns inventory. Get this: you are still free to believe that this garbage is completely acceptable. The fact is, she wasn’t in Victoria’s Secret, where one would expect to find adult intended attire. She was at tshirt shop for kids. But you want this shirt so bad, she’s not stopping you. I’m sure the 5 other pacsuns in Utah will be Overflowing with supply. Because while you all think this is free advertising, the geniuses at PacSun know better. See, you’re missing the bigger picture. This woman sent a message to PacSun and to the moms of America (you know, the ones who pay for their kids’ clothes?) that Pacsun sells garbage. Increase in sales? Hahahaha! Not if they don’t Change their inventory! What this woman did was BRILLANT. She refused to accept someone “forcing their morals (or lack thereof)” on her. She took a stand. She didn’t like the world so she set out to change it. Yes, you CAN actual do that!!!

    1. Thanks for agreeing on the Frozen thing. That lady was crazy.

      As for the PacSun thing, I get what you’re saying. She did try to take a stand. She did the only thing she could think to do and acted on an impulse. But that doesn’t make what she did a good thing. If you found yourself in quicksand, wouldn’t you agree that impulse would tell you to thrash around in an effort to get out?

      Sure she might try to take them back on the 59th day so that PacSun doesn’t get her money, but then the t-shirts go back on the shelves. I agree with another comment from a reader below: If she really wanted to make a statement then she would burn the suckers. (How’s this for a plot twist: PacSun closes its doors for two days so she’s stuck with her purchase just to make a point. Bad for business, but really funny.)

      They wouldn’t make the shirts if no one bought them. (Econ 101: Supply and Demand) If you don’t want them to make them, then stop encouraging them by purchasing them. This is one case where I believe that doing something was worse than doing nothing.

      1. Something I didn’t think about and I’m pretty positive Judy cox didn’t either, was that pacsun could claim this as fraud. If she does get stuck with the Ts I think she should knit sweaters to cover the girls and resell them ;)

  9. Maybe she didn’t go about the issue the way we all would have, but at least she took a stand towards something she believed in. Change can start with just one person. I think instead of people bashing her they should unite and start making changes before this country goes downhill. Pornography is a huge addiction and families fall apart because of it, so good for her taking for a stand. Though it was small and sadly probably not going to make a difference,) I think she is a great example of bravery and she is teaching her children to be the “one” who speaks up when everyone else is turning a cheek. So I say way to go!

    1. I agree with you on all counts. Pornography is a huge problem and we do need to take a stand. But we need to come up with real solutions that can instigate change. At best, I would call her fix a band-aid on a gaping wound. Not even a good band-aid. Like one of the small circular ones that you put on a wart. And it’s not even a sterile band-aid. And if she really just takes the t-shirts back, then she is removing said band-aid from the wound.

      But you are right. It’s easy to criticize. I’ll try to start thinking of solutions for future posts.

  10. She also ought to stay away from the following companies and brands, who are less* covert about their “agenda”:

    General Mills
    Westfield Malls
    Banana Republic
    Chase Bank
    Wells Fargo
    Johnson & Johnson
    Ben & Jerry’s
    Electronic Arts

    Better sound the warning trumpets!

    * Sources:

  11. Good call on all accounts Andy!

    Clothing: “Dirty” pictures on shirts…buy them all! Keep them safely at home where no one you are trying to “protect” could ever possibly encounter them. But do make sure you keep within that return window, you wouldn’t want to actually spend any non-refundable money on your mission to un-perv the area. Once all stock is removed there is no such recourse as, you know, ordering more. So awesome lady, you bought them out, more shirts will likely be ordered and then you will return your shirts and create an even greater surplus of smut. Well thought out. If you’re going to take a stand, throw a bonfire and burn the suckers. At least then somebody is going to get an immodestly roasted s’more out of the deal.

    And as far as innuendo and imagery in Disney, the truth is out there. (cue x-files theme)

    Beauty and the Beast: Lumiere is actually flaming, and French. I mean c’mon!

    Up: In the end Mr. Fredrickson “pins” Russell, which is clearly marking his territory. Homo-pedophilia?!

    Finding Nemo: Deb/Flo is lost without her counterpart/self. If that’s not the definition of “self-love,” I don’t know what is! And Jacques sucks clean everything that is dirty. I mean really?!

    Brave: Merida rejects all of the suitors because she’d rather be alone doing masculine things than be tied down to a male suitor. She MUST be a closet lesbian, not possibly an independent thinking woman.

    Monster’s Inc.: Mike and Sully essentially adopt a small child, how would she ever survive without a female role model?

    Pinocchio: Why exactly does Geppedo want a “real boy?” Suuuuuure the fatherhood experience.

    Bambi: Bambi is a boy deer, named Bambi. You do the math.

    And let’s just go straight to the root of Disney characters: Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Daffy…The ladies are fully clothed, but the menfolk are only afforded one article of clothing, you’re going topless or bottomless because it’s essential that we all desire to see men naked, regardless of the gender of the viewer.

    Anyone can perv up anything.

    The Frozen Agenda lady is getting her fifteen minutes. And this little manifesto taught us more about her psyche than about anything the screenwriters had ever intended. Offense isn’t given, it’s taken–and boy did these ladies take things a little too far!

    1. It’s not Judy’s fault. Her religious leaders and personal beliefs are screaming at her that the world’s moral standards are declining and she needs to stand for what’s right (both are true statements). Unfortunately, common sense isn’t always quite as loud and no one is telling us exactly what to do. So we go vigilante and this happens.

  12. I’ve seen the shirts in PAC sun out shopping with my 7 year old son who instantly was looking at them. Though I don’t like them there, I don’t agree with her “method”. We, my husband and I, took the time to talk to him about we, our family, don’t believe it is respectful to show our bodies that way or look at other peoples bodies in that way. Instead of lashing out we need to use these times to explain to our kids how to be in the world but not of it.

    1. Let’s think about what she really taught her 18 year-old son. Sex is embarrassing. Sex should be covered up. Money solves all of the world’s problems.

      In her mind, she probably feels like she just jumped on a live grenade for kids like your 7 year-old son. In reality, she just gave that clothing brand a TON of free publicity.

  13. This story was in our newspaper this morning and mentioned that she intends to return the shirts before the 60 day return policy that PacSun has. What’s the point in that? My only thought is that maybe the corporation has a policy about not putting items back on the shelf that have been returned but you can’t tell me that they won’t just reshelf them anyway.

    1. We need to unite with this woman and protest until PacSun stops selling dirty t-shirts, bikinis, tank tops, underwear, and sunglasses (everyone knows that only pervs wear sunglasses). Here’s a list of approved items to sell: knee-high socks.

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